Agent Info

My Story

My name is Irina Glabuchek. I moved to North Carolina in 2011 from a small beautiful country Kyrgyzstan. If you have heard about this country before – congratulations! – you’re among 0.01%. If you have not heard about it: Kyrgyzstan is located right in the middle of Eurasia bordering Kazakhstan in the North and China in the South-East. Kyrgyzstan has a multiethnic society (my parents are Russian descendants) with diverse cultural backgrounds. Although a big chunk of my heart will stay in Kyrgyzstan forever – lost in its magnificent mountains or drained in its crystal-clear lakes, I will not return to live there. Why? Because I found a new home in North Carolina. In fact, I have never been happier anywhere else in the world as I am here in Raleigh, NC. This is why I like to say: Home is not where you were born, but where you want to be.

If you hire me as your real estate agent, you’ll have my focus and attention to detail as though you’re my most important client, because you will be. Whether you’re selling or buying a house, I can help craft a strategy that caters to your wishes. Plus, the entire process will be as stress-free as possible. I can ensure that the sale or purchase of your home will be an organized process that moves at your pace and focuses on your goals.

I am affiliated with Alina Real Estate Inc. and I am a member of the the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors®.

My Values

I live and work by the following values and principles:

Integrity & Fairness

Not only do I strictly adhere to the rules of the NC Real Estate Commission and the Realtor® Code of Ethics, but above all I value the very essence of integrity and fairness in my life and work.

Loyalty & Confidentiality

I treat my clients the same way I treat my friends: I am loyal to them and I respect their privacy. Loyalty and confidentiality define my professional reputation. Your interests and benefits always come first.


Every house is unique, every client is unique. I want to understand your individual needs and preferences first. By streamlining complex and intricate processes, I’ll save your precious time. By keeping everything organized, I’ll take away most of the chaos and stress that typifies buying and selling real estate. I use the latest technologies, constantly improve my tools and look for creative and elegant solutions applicable to your specific situation.  I’ll make your real estate journey smooth and comfortable.

Fun Along the Way

Nearly every home searching or home selling process includes some humorous moments to remember. Let’s have some fun together!